NIA or Nia may refer to:

  • Nia (album), a music album by Blackalicious
  • Nia (fitness), a type of aerobic exercise
  • Nia (fungus), a genus of marine fungi
  • SS Nia, a French steamship in service 1952-54
  • Nia, a principle of Kwanzaa from the Swahili for purpose/intent.
  • Nanotechnology Industries Association, an international association of nanotechnology companies
  • National Indoor Arena, an indoor arena in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
  • National Institute of Accountants, the former name until 2011 for the Institute of Public Accountants in Australia
  • National Institute of Aerospace, an aerospace research institute in the United States
  • National Institute on Aging, a health research institute in the United States
  • National Institute of Ayurveda, apex training and research institute in Ayurveda in India
  • National Insurance Academy (NIA Pune), an insurance educational institute in India
  • National Intelligence Agency (Nigeria), a governmental intelligence agency in Nigeria
  • National Intelligence Agency (South Africa), a governmental intelligence agency in South Africa
  • National Investigation Agency, the counter-terrorism agency in India
  • National Iraqi Alliance, a Shi'a Islamist electoral coalition in Iraq
  • Net income attributable, a concept in the United States tax code related to Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Neural Impulse Actuator, a peripheral for gaming on Windows computers
  • Nigerian Institute of Architects, a professional association in Nigeria
  • Nimba Airport's IATA code in Nimba, Liberia
  • Northern Ireland Assembly, the legislature of Northern Ireland

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