News Ticker

A news ticker (sometimes referred to as a "crawler" or "slide") resides in the lower third of the television screen space on television news networks dedicated to presenting headlines or minor pieces of news. It may also refer to a long, thin scoreboard-style display seen around the front of some offices or public buildings. The news ticker has been used in Europe in countries such as Britain, Germany and Ireland for some years, and they are also used in several Asian countries and Australia.

In the United States, tickers were long used on a special event basis by broadcast television stations to communicate weather warnings, school closings, election results. Game telecasts used a ticker occasionally to update other games in progress before the explosion in the number of cable networks or the launch of the internet. Headline News' stock ticker ran continuously while US markets were open. The HLN SportsTicker was added and this combination became the first 24-hour continuous news ticker.

Since the growth in usage of the World Wide Web, news tickers have largely syndicated news posts from the websites of the broadcasting services which produce the broadcasts.

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Famous quotes containing the words news and/or ticker:

    It is speckled with grime as if
    Small print overspread it,
    The news of a day I’ve forgotten
    If I ever read it.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    Most people aren’t appreciated enough, and the bravest things we do in our lives are usually known only to ourselves. No one throws ticker tape on the man who chose to be faithful to his wife, on the lawyer who didn’t take the drug money, or the daughter who held her tongue again and again. All this anonymous heroism.
    Peggy Noonan (b. 1950)