New Zealand Liberal Party (2008)

The Liberal Party is a political party in New Zealand which promotes social liberalism. It was founded on 10 March 2008

The party is an attempt to revive the old New Zealand Liberal Party. It aims to be a broad progressive party which appeals to middle New Zealand. Initial policies include a written constitution, improved public healthcare, and universal pre-school education.

The party is currently led by Jonathan Lee, a former public servant and policy advisor to Bill Birch. It applied to register a party logo with the Electoral Commission on 13 March 2008. This application was accepted on 2 April 2008 On 24 April 2008 the party applied for broadcasting funding; according to their initial submission the party has incorporated and is seeking candidates and a patron to publicly endorse the party.

The party was not registered for the 2008 General Election, and did not stand any candidates. As of May 2010, its website is defunct.

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