New York State Route 254 - History


Warren Street in Glens Falls, Lower Warren Street in Queensbury, and River Street in Hudson Falls were originally designated as part of NY 30 in 1924. In late 1926, the U.S. Highway System was created. One of the routes assigned at this time was US 4, which overlapped NY 30 between Glens Falls and Whitehall. In the 1930 renumbering of state highways in New York, the NY 30 designation was reassigned elsewhere while US 4 was reconfigured to continue south from Hudson Falls to East Greenbush. The former routing of US 4 into Glens Falls became part of NY 32B, an alternate route of NY 32 that followed the Hudson River between Schuylerville and Glens Falls. All of NY 32B south of Hudson Falls was concurrent to US 4.

NY 32B was truncated over time, eventually consisting of just the portion between Boulevard (then-NY 32) in Queensbury and US 4 in Hudson Falls. In the mid-1960s, a new arterial was constructed around the northern and eastern extents of Glens Falls. The roadway, designated as NY 254 c.‚ÄČ1965, extended from I-87 in the north to Warren Street (NY 32B) in the south. NY 254 then continued east to US 4 in Hudson Falls, replacing NY 32B. The short 0.20-mile (0.32 km) segment of Warren Street between NY 32 and NY 254, formerly the westernmost portion of NY 32B, is now NY 911E, an unsigned reference route.

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