New York Review Books

New York Review Books (NYRB) is the publishing house of The New York Review of Books. Its imprints are New York Review Books Classics, New York Review Books Collections, The New York Review Children's Collection and NYRB Lit.

NYRB Classics is a list of fiction and non-fiction works for all ages and from around the world. Since its first volume, Richard Hughes's High Wind in Jamaica (1999), NYRB Classics has published hundreds of titles. Occasionally, it has published translations of works previously unavailable in English by writers including Euripides, Dante, Balzac and Chekhov. It also publishes fiction by more contemporary writers such as Vasily Grossman, Mavis Gallant, Upamanyu Chatterjee, Georges Simenon, Kenneth Fearing, and J. R. Ackerley. Most of the books include an introduction by a writer or literary critic. Edwin Frank is the editor of the Classics imprint.

NYRB Collections is a series of books that collect essays by frequent contributors to The New York Review of Books. With works by writers such as Larry McMurtry, Frank Rich, Mary McCarthy, Freeman Dyson and others, NYRB Collections present treatments of major intellectual, political, scientific, and artistic developments and debates.

NYRB Lit was announced in July 2012 as a new imprint for e-book only contemporary titles from around the world in fiction and non-fiction. The stated plan was to publish around 10 titles a year that are otherwise too risky or expensive for traditional publishers by leveraging the lower cost and speed to market of e-books. The first five titles were The Water Theatre by Lindsay Clarke (September 2012); Beirut, I Love You by Zena El Khalil (October); 1948 by Yoram Kaniuk (November); Ravan and Eddie by Kiran Nagarkar (December); On the Edge by Markus Werner (January 2013).

NYRB started in the fall of 1999. It grew out of another enterprise called the ‘Reader’s Catalog' (subtitle: "The 40,000 best books in print"), which sold books through a catalog. Founder Edwin Frank and his managing editor discovered many of the books they wanted to print were out of print, so they decided to bring back into print titles in fiction and non-fiction.

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