Neosapien - Automutation Syndrome

The genetic engineering of the Neosapiens was imperfect, so all Neosapiens feared developing the Automutation Syndrome. Although the exact nature of this disorder has never been properly studied, it supposedly involves a Neosapien's DNA becoming unstable, turning his or her body into a pile of mush. The causes include but are not limited to spontaneous degeneration, artificial means or severe physical trauma. Phaeton, the leader of the Second Neosapien Revolt, himself developed this disorder after his fall from Martian Olympus Mons during a fight against J.T. Marsh, confining him completely to a life-support suit for the rest of his life. The event seems to suggest lack of ability in morphallaxis process in Neosapiens. By the end of the Neosapien War, there was still no known cure to Automutation Syndrome.

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