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David Myatt was the first leader of the NSM until his resignation in March 1998 following his arrest by detectives from Scotland Yard on charges relating to incitement to racial hatred and incitement to murder when Tony Williams, a former member of the International Third Position, assumed the position of leader. Williams, who had also been involved with the National Front since the 1970s, had been the person chosen to escort the ashes of Savitri Devi to Arlington, Virginia where they were given to the American Nazi Party. As leader, the duties of Williams included overseeing membership inquiries and levying the £10 annual fee from registered supporters.

Mike Whine of the Board of Deputies of British Jews described the NSM as a "very small but very violent neo-Nazi group. Their whole programme is one of terrorism ... against Jews, against Blacks and against Asians." Myatt, who was the architect of the NSM, denied that NSM supported racial hatred but admitted that they intended to accomplish their aim of "an entirely new society, based upon personal honour" through revolutionary activity. The group's own mission statement claimed that the NSM was "formed in June 108 yf for the purpose of championing the cause of Aryan identity and Aryan freedom" whilst also committing the group to the establishment of a "National Socialist State", and although the NSM calimed to be a political party, much of its literature advocated violent revolution.

Steve Sargent served as propaganda director of the new group and produced their magazine White Dragon, which, although a neo-Nazi publication, garnered a following due to its often humorous style of reporting and Sargent's propensity to fill its pages with his take on events at his favourite football club, Arsenal. A further magazine was also published in support of the NSM, sharing the name Column 88 with an earlier neo-Nazi paramilitary group, although this was as much a personal concern of Williams as White Dragon was of Sargent.

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