National Assembly of Angola - 1992 Legislative Election

1992 Legislative Election

e • d 29 and 30 September 1992 National Assembly of Angola election results
Party Votes % Seats
Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola) 2,124,126 53.74 129
National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola) 1,347,636 34.10 70
National Front for the Liberation of Angola (Frente Nacional de Libertação de Angola) 94,742 2.40 5
Liberal Democratic Party (Partido Liberal Democrático) 94,269 2.39 3
Social Renewal Party (Partido Renovador Social) 89,875 2.27 6
Democratic Renewal Party (Partido Renovador Democrático) 35,293 0.89 1
AD-Coalition (AD-Coligação) 34,166 0.86 1
Social Democratic Party (Partido Social-Democrata) 33,088 0.84 1
Party of the Alliance of Youth, Workers and Farmers of Angola (Partido da Aliança da Juventude, Operários e Campesinos de Angola) 13,924 0.35 1
Angolan Democratic Forum (Fórum Democrático Angolano) 12,038 0.30 1
Democratic Progress Party/Angolan National Alliance Party (Partido Democrático para Progreso/Aliança Nacional Angolano) 10,608 0.27 1
Angolan National Democratic Party (Partido Nacional Democrático Angolano) 10,281 0.26 1
National Democratic Convention of Angola (Convenção Nacional Democrática de Angola) 10,237 0.26
Social Democratic Party of Angola (Partido Social Democratico de Angola) 10,217 0.26
Independent Angolan Party (Partido Angolano Independente) 9,007 0.23
Liberal Democratic Party of Angola (Partido Democrático Liberal de Angola) 8,025 0.20
Democratic Party of Angola (Partido Democrático de Angola) 8,014 0.20
Angolan Renewal Party (Partido Renovador Angolano) 6,719 0.17
Invalid/blank votes 458,310
Total 4,410,575 100 220
Source: Nohlen et al

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