Natalia Pavlovna Paley - Marriages


Natalie Paley married twice. Her husbands were:

(1) Lucien-Camille Lelong, the French fashion designer and war hero; married in October 1927, they were divorced in 1936. They had no children.

(2) John Chapman Wilson, a theatrical producer and director, who had previously been the lover of Noël Coward. They married on 8 September 1937 in Fairfield, Connecticut. He died in 1961. They had no children.

She had a brief affair with the writer and filmmaker Jean Cocteau, which resulted in an aborted pregnancy. In the 1940s and early 1950s, Paley had a lengthy romantic relationship with writer Erich Maria Remarque, who fictionalized her as "Natascha" in his posthumous novel, Shadows in Paradise.

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