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Songs Names Translation

Natalia Oreiro (Natalia Oreiro) (1998)

  1. "De Tu Amor" (From Your Love)
  2. "Uruguay" (Uruguay)
  3. "Se Pegó En Mi Piel" (He Stucked In My Skin)
  4. "Me Muero De Amor" (I Die From Love)
  5. "Cambio Dolor" (I Change Pain)
  6. "Valor" (Value)
  7. "Sambrosito Y Dulzón" (Very Tasty And Lusciously Sweet)
  8. "Vengo Del Mar" (I Come From The Sea)
  9. "Huracán" (Hurricane)
  10. "Nada Más Que Hablar" (Nothing More To Talk About)
  11. "Y Te Vas Conmigo" (And You Go With Me)
  12. "Que Si, Que Si" (If, If)
  • Other songs not included in studio album
  1. "Caminos" (Roads) - Not in the album
  2. "Cero Tres Cero Tres Cuatro Cinco Seis" (03 03 456) (feat. Rafaella Carrà) (Zero Three Zero Three Four Five Six) - Not in the album

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