Natalia Fowler - Character History

Character History

Natalia first crosses paths with Angie Hubbard in the hallway of an apartment building waiting for a friend. After a short conversation Angie gets on the elevator. She then meets up with Angie's husband, Jesse and he tells her that she shouldn't be in Pine Valley. A few days later while trying to avoid Angie and Jesse, she bumps into their son, Frankie. Natalia is in desperate need of Jesse's help but he continues telling her to get out of town because it isn't safe. When Jesse and Natalia finally meet up alone at the boathouse, it is revealed that she is his daughter. Natalia tells Jesse that her mother, Rebecca desperately needs him and Jesse ultimately calls to check on her. As a round of tornados strike the town, Natalia gets stranded at the Comeback Bar with the Hubbards and citizens of Pine Valley. The Comeback is destroyed and Natalia is one of those injured. Jesse tells Angie after they finally get her to the hospital that Natalia may need surgery to see if her kidneys have been damaged. Angie says that because Natalia is unconscious, they'll need to contact her relatives for consent. Jesse insist that the surgery be done immediately because Natalia is his daughter. Rebecca finally comes to town to see about her daughter and formally introduces herself to the family. Angie and Rebecca take a liking to one another while Frankie struggles with his new sister. They eventually learn that Rebecca is dying from a brain tumor and she then signs a DNR form. When Angie revives her after she collapses and puts her life support, the hospital is threatened with a lawsuit. Natalia doesn't want to, but reluctantly gives the OK to take Rebcca off life support. By some miracle, Rebecca starts breathing on her own. After a few days and when Rebecca gets back on her feet, she decides to go to San Francisco. The very next day on February 10, 2009, they learn that Rebecca has died. Randi Frankie's wife comforts her during and after her mother's illness. Angie also takes on the role of mother for Natalia.

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