Nandi may refer to:

  • Nandi (bull), the white bull on which Lord Siva rides
  • Nandi Awards, Film awards given to Tollywood personalities and films
  • Nandi people, an ethnic group from Africa
    • Nandi languages
  • Nandi (mother of Shaka) (1760–1827), daughter of the Langeni tribe
  • Nandi District, in Kenya
  • Nandi Hills, India
  • Nandi Hills, Kenya, a highland area of lush green rolling hills at the edge of the Great Rift Valley in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya
  • Nāndi An offering of food in Khoja ritual
  • Onandi Lowe (born 1974), Jamaican footballer nicknamed Nandi
  • Nadi, a Fijian city whose name is pronounced Nandi in the Fijian language