Naga (The Bird Series) - Physical Characteristics

Physical Characteristics

Nagas are reptiles, and their physical characteristic resemble snakes in particular. Their body structure and size is that of a human, but they are cold-blooded and their body is covered with scales. When nagas are shocked in other ways emotionally troubled, their scales rise and dash, shattering into each other. This would be similar to human goosebumps.

Just like snakes, nagas have infra-red visions and can see the world in the form of heats instead of colours and lights. This makes them advantaged over other kind of people in certain condition, such as when finding hot-blooded animals in the dark or camouflaging colors. This is a very similar concept to the specie of Predators that appear in film and comic series Predator.

As nagas are reptiles and cold-blooded, their mental and physical ability depend on the temperature of their surrounding. This is why they only live at the farmost South of the continent, where the temperature is significantly warmer.

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