Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water - Characters


Nadia la Arwall
Nadia is a 14 year-old Kenyan circus performer. She is stubborn, short tempered and a strict vegetarian. After Jean rescues her from the Grandis Gang, she sets out on an adventure with him to determine the origin of the "Blue Water", the jewel that beckons the criminals to her. Always accompanied by her tamed lion cub, King, she sometimes mistreats people, but as she grows closer to Jean she learns to become a much more caring and trusting person.
Voiced by: Yoshino Takamori (Japanese), Wendee Lee (English, Streamline), Meg Bauman (English, ADV)
Nadia's pet white lion cub, who wears a red bandana/scarf around his neck and a ring on his tail. He is very attached to his mistress and occasionally gets jealous when Nadia gets closer to Jean. Even so, he is also very fond of Marie and often plays with her.
Voiced by: Toshiharu Sakurai (Japanese), Carl Macek (English, Streamline), Shawn Sides (English, ADV)
Jean Roque Raltique
Jean is a young 14 year-old orphan from Paris who fell in love with Nadia at first sight. He is generous, patient, friendly, and devoted to science as well as his friends. His father is a wealthy trader who was lost at sea and declared dead, but Jean refuses to believe that and is determined to find him.
Voiced by: Noriko Hidaka (Japanese), Ardwight Chamberlain (English, Streamline), Nathan Parsons (English, ADV)
Marie en Carlsberg
Marie is a 4 year-old orphan found by Nadia and Jean whose parents were murdered by the Neo-Atlanteans. The two decide to stay with her and protect her. She is incredibly intelligent and charismatic for her age. Her playmate is "King" the Lion cub.
Voiced by: Yuko Mizutani (Japanese), Cheryl Chase (English, Streamline), Margaret Cassidy (English, ADV)
Grandis Granva
Grandis is a 28 year-old woman. She was born into a rich Italian family, but is now broke and disowned by her relatives. She is the leader of the "Grandis Gang", a trio of jewel thieves. After being rescued along with Nadia, Jean and Marie by the Nautilus, she and her henchmen befriend the children. She develops a huge crush on Capt. Nemo. She also becomes a mother-figure to Nadia.
Voiced by: Kumiko Takizawa (Japanese), Melanie MacQueen (English, Streamline), Sarah Richardson (English, ADV)
Sanson is 27 years old and the muscle behind the "Grandis Gang". He considers himself an expert on handling women and is an excellent artist with a rifle. He develops a relationship with Marie and tries to help Jean grow closer to Nadia.
Voiced by: Kenyū Horiuchi (Japanese), Tom Wyner (English, Streamline), Martin Blacker (English, ADV)
Hanson is 27 years old and the brains of the "Grandis Gang" who built the Gratan, the gang's small multi-purpose vehicle. Like Jean, he's into science and has a mild crush on Electra.
Voiced by: Toshiharu Sakurai (Japanese), Steve Kramer (English, Streamline), Corey M. Gagne (English, ADV)
Nemo is the captain of the Nautilus, a submarine manned by individuals looking to stop the Neo-Atlanteans at all costs. He is a mysterious man with a dark past who acts cold when he first meets Jean and Nadia, but later warms up to Jean's outgoing cheerfulness and enthusiasm. He becomes a father-figure and mentor to both Jean and (most especially) Nadia.
Voiced by: Akio Ōtsuka (Japanese), Jeff Winkless (English, Streamline), Ev Lunning Jr. (English, ADV)
Electra is 26 years old and an orphan since the destruction of her hometown. She was saved by Captain Nemo and is his first mate on the 'Nautilus'. She and Nemo share a past experience that's never explained.
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue (Japanese), Edie Mirman (English, Streamline), Jennifer Stuart (English, ADV)
Gargoyle is the head of the Neo-Atlantean forces and is the primary antagonist. He is hell-bent on world domination, but to do that he must first destroy Nemo and the Nautilus, and take possession of the Blue Water. He is ruthless, cold and remorseless and will kill anyone who gets in his way.
Voiced by: Motomu Kiyokawa (Japanese), Steve Bulen (English, Streamline), David Jones (English, ADV)

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