Nacionalna Služba Elektroničkog Izviđanja

Nacionalna Služba Elektroničkog Izviđanja

The core of the security and intelligence system of the Republic of Croatia consists of two security and intelligence agencies:

  • Security and Intelligence Agency (Croatian: Sigurnosno-obavještajna agencija or SOA), and
  • Military Security and Intelligence Agency (Vojna sigurnosno-obavještajna agencija or VSOA).

These agencies conduct their activities in accordance with the Constitution, relevant national legislation, the National Security Strategy, the Defence Strategy and the Annual Guidelines for the Work of Security Services. Their work is subject to the scrutiny by the Croatian Parliament, the President of the Republic, the Government, the Office of the National Security Council and the Council for the civilian scrutiny of the security intelligence agencies.

The community of intelligence agencies, military and civilian, was established by Croatia during the Croatian war of independence, becoming integral to the Croatian war effort against Yugoslav and Serbian forces. Their total estimated spending is $66,694,656.84.

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