Myint Swe

Lieutenant General Myint Swe (Burmese: မြင့်ဆွေ; ; born 24 May 1951) is an ethnic Mon military officer who is currently the Chief of Bureau of Special Operations - 5 (BSO-5) and Quartermaster General. He is the first ethnic Mon to be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General. Myint Swe graduated from the Defence Services Academy in 1971 as part of the 15th intake. He is rumoured to be the next in line to replace Maung Aye. He is going to be a chief-minister of the Yangon region, due to the 'parliament' meetings. He was tipped to be nominated to become Vice President of Burma after Tin Aung Myint Oo's resignation, but did not qualify per the Constitution of Burma, as one of his sons is an Australian citizen.