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Personal Life

Muzafer Sherif grew up in a fairly wealthy family that included five children, of whom he was the second born. He married Carolyn Wood, and they collaborated productively on subsequent projects for many years, on scholarly books (e.g., Sherif & Sherif, 1953) and a still-useful textbook (Sherif & Sherif, 1969).

Although mostly recognized as a psychologist, Muzafer was the first to obtain the Cooley-Mead Award for Contributions to Social Psychology from the American Sociological Association.

He was father of three daughters, Ann, Sue and Joan.

According to his daughter, Sue, whom Sherif was living with at that time, Sherif was in good spirits when he was stricken with a fatal heart attack. He had died on October 16, 1988, at Fairbanks Alaska at the age of 82.

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