Mute may refer to:

  • Muteness, a speech disorder in which a person lacks the ability to speak
  • Mute, a silent letter in phonology
  • Mute (film), an upcoming sequel to the movie Moon
  • Mute (death customs) a professional mourner in Victorian and other European cultures
  • Mute (magazine), an online magazine of culture and politics
  • Mute (music), a device used to alter the sound of a musical instrument
  • Mute Records, a record label in the United Kingdom
  • MUTE, a peer-to-peer file-sharing network
  • Mute (album), a 2000 compilation album from Hush Records featuring several indie rock acts
  • Muted (album), a 2003 album from hip hop artist Alias
  • "Mute" (The Twilight Zone), an episode of The Twilight Zone
  • "Mute" (short story), written by Stephen King

Famous quotes containing the word mute:

    Amid the tornadoed Atlantic of my being, do I myself still for ever centrally disport in mute calm; and while ponderous planets of unwaning woe revolve round me, deep down and deep inland there I still bathe me in eternal mildness of joy.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)

    From infancy, almost, the average girl is told that marriage is her ultimate goal; therefore her training and education must be directed toward that end. Like the mute beast fattened for slaughter, she is prepared for that.
    Emma Goldman (1869–1940)

    Poetry, and Picture, are Arts of a like nature; and both are busie about imitation. It was excellently said of Plutarch, Poetry was a speaking Picture, and Picture a mute Poesie. For they both invent, faine, and devise many things, and accommodate all they invent to the use, and service of nature. Yet of the two, the Pen is more noble, than the Pencill. For that can speake to the Understanding; the other, but to the Sense.
    Ben Jonson (1573–1637)