Music Psychology - Related Areas of Psychology

Related Areas of Psychology

  • Biopsychology (including Neuropsychology)
  • Perception (including Sensation and Psychoacoustics)
  • Motivation and Emotion
  • Self-regulation, and Affect-regulation
  • Childhood and Life-span development
  • Health (including Stress, Coping, Therapy, and Psychological disorders)
  • Music therapy
  • Personality and Individual Differences
  • Skill (including Talent, Creativity, and Intelligence), and
  • Social psychology and Cognition
  • Music-specific disorders

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Famous quotes containing the words related, areas and/or psychology:

    Becoming responsible adults is no longer a matter of whether children hang up their pajamas or put dirty towels in the hamper, but whether they care about themselves and others—and whether they see everyday chores as related to how we treat this planet.
    Eda Le Shan (20th century)

    ... two great areas of deafness existed in the South: White Southerners had no ears to hear that which threatened their Dream. And colored Southerners had none to hear that which could reduce their anger.
    Sarah Patton Boyle, U.S. civil rights activist and author. The Desegregated Heart, part 1, ch. 16 (1962)

    I was now at a university in New York, a professor of existential psychology with the not inconsiderable thesis that magic, dread, and the perception of death were the roots of motivation.
    Norman Mailer (b. 1923)