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Mr. Moto Filmography

  • Think Fast, Mr. Moto (1937) is loosely based on Marquand's novel of the same name. Mr. Kentaro Moto is introduced in disguise as a rug seller in San Francisco. He reveals himself as the Moto we are more familiar with about 10 minutes into the film when he boards a ship to Shanghai in order to investigate a smuggling ring.
  • Thank You, Mr. Moto (1937) - Marquand wrote the story for this film based loosely on his novel. In disguise once again as a Mongolian trader in the Gobi desert, Moto makes his way to Peking where he tries to obtain a set of ancient scrolls that lead the way to the treasure of Genghis Khan. At the end, he fulfills an obligation to his dying friend and destroys the scrolls so no one will ever violate the treasure.
  • Mr. Moto's Gamble a.k.a. Mr. Moto's Diary (1938) was originally meant for the Charlie Chan series starring Warner Oland. Parts were re-written to make it a Moto film; but Keye Luke, as Chan's son Lee, remained. Moto is now famous enough as a detective to be giving a class in criminology in San Francisco. While at a boxing match, Moto is drawn into a murder investigation.
  • Mr. Moto Takes a Chance (1938) — Undercover as an archeologist in Thailand, Moto is trying to find out who is the head of a revolutionary army that is smuggling guns and explosives into the tiny village of Tong Moi.
  • Mysterious Mr. Moto (1938) — Marquand wrote the story for this film. Posing as a Japanese murderer, Moto escapes from Devil’s Island with a member of the League of Assassins in order to find out not only who is their next victim but who is the mysterious man at the top.
  • Mr. Moto's Last Warning (1939) — In Port Said, Egypt, Moto tries to stop the French Naval Fleet from being destroyed by secret agents who are bent on starting a war between the British and the French.
  • Danger Island (1939), based on the novel Murder in Trinidad by John W. Vandercook. Diamond smugglers are working out of Puerto Rico and Moto is sent to investigate and discover their secret lair.
  • Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation (1939) — While pretending to be on vacation in San Francisco, Moto is actually keeping an eye on the crown of the Queen of Sheba, surefire bait for the master thief known as Metaxa.
  • The Return of Mr. Moto (1965) — Henry Silva in title role.

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