Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football League - History


The league was formed in 1987 upon the merger of the Mornington Peninsula FL and the Nepean FL. Football on the Peninsula region goes back to 1908, and in 2008 celebrated its centenary.

The first league, the Peninsula FA, was formed in 1908. This competition played until 1933, and then it merged with the Peninsula District FA (formed in 1920) to form the Mornington Peninsula FL for the 1934 season. Clubs from the small Peninsula Junior FL also joined. Some clubs broke away to form the Nepean FL in 1959, and after a few years of promotion and relegation the two leagues merged in 1987.

The competition absorbed the South West Gippsland FL in 1995.

Division One 1987-94; Premier League 1995-2004; Peninsula League 2005–present
Division Two 1987-94; Southern Division 1995-98; Nepean Division 1999-2004; Nepean League 2005–present
Northern Division 1995-98; Peninsula Division 1999-2004; Casey-Cardinia League 2005–present

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