Morgan Braithwaite

Morgan Braithwaite (previously Tippett) was the old nursing school friend of serial killer, Joey Henderson (Johnny Barker). She debuted as a recurring character in early 2008 before returning later in the year and featuring in several key storylines. Morgan was interested in the shy Joey but the two's romance never took off and Morgan left town when she discovered he was a murderer.

She returned months later when it was revealed she was buying his items online and soon started up a relationship with Gerald Tippett (Harry McNaughton). However Gerald's asexuality caused the couple to break up and Morgan briefly dated Hunter (Lee Donoghue). Morgan agreed to be an illegal surrogate mother to her friend Cindy (Sarah McLeod) and her husband Trent (John Glass) but when she learned she was having triplets and they wanted to abort one, she decided to keep the children. Her romance with Gerald reignited and the two married so as to provide the babies with a stable family. However Morgan eventually decided to give the babies back and separated from Gerald. She was shocked in late 2009 when new nurse Nicole (Sally Martin), revealed she was Morgan's sister. Morgan's comic books got bought by an Australian company but just days before she was due to leave, she was struck and killed by a car driven by Kieran Mitchell (Adam Rickitt).

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