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  • List of people with surname Moore
  • Abra Moore, Irish-American singer-songwriter
  • Alan Moore, writer and magician
  • Albert Moore (disambiguation)
  • Ann Moore (disambiguation)
  • Barbara Moore (athlete), New Zealand long-distance runner
  • Bobby Moore, English football World Cup-winning captain
  • Charles Moore (disambiguation)
  • Christopher Moore (author), writer
  • Christy Moore, Irish singer and songwriter
  • Damontre Moore, American football player
  • David Moore (disambiguation)
  • Demi Moore (born Demetria Gene Guynes), American actress
  • Dickie Moore (actor), American actor
  • Dickie Moore (ice hockey), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Dudley Moore, English actor
  • E. H. Moore, American mathematician
  • Ellen Bryan Moore, Louisiana politician
  • Enoch Moore (Loyalist turned rebel), American Revolution
  • Erica Moore, American middle-distance runner
  • Freddy Moore, American musician
  • Frederic Moore, British zoologist
  • G. E. Moore, English philosopher
  • Gary Moore (1952–2011), Northern Irish rock and blues guitarist
  • George Fletcher Moore, prominent early Western Australian settler
  • Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel Corporation and the author of Moore's law
  • Greg Moore (racing driver), Canadian racing driver
  • Hal Moore, American lieutenant general
  • Henry Moore, English sculptor
  • James Moore (disambiguation)
  • Jason Moore (disambiguation)
  • Julianne Moore, American actress
  • Lisa Moore (disambiguation)
  • Mandy Moore, American actress
  • Margaret Moore, Canadian author of romance novels
  • Marianne Moore, modernist American poet and writer
  • Mary Tyler Moore, American actress and comedienne
  • Maya Moore, American professional basketball player
  • Melissa Moore, American movie actress and equestrian
  • Michael Moore, American filmmaker and liberal political commentator
  • Nathan Moore (disambiguation)
  • Patrick Moore (disambiguation)
  • Paul Moore, Jr., Episcopalian Bishop of New York
  • Paul Moore, Sr., American business executive
  • Peter Moore (disambiguation)
  • Robert H. Moore, Korean War flying ace
  • Robert Lee Moore, American mathematician
  • Robert Lee Moore (Georgia politician), American politician
  • Roger Moore, English actor, famous for playing James Bond
  • Samuel Moore (colonial official), in early New Jersey
  • Shannon Moore, American professional wrestler
  • Shemar Moore, American actor
  • Sonny Moore, better known as Skrillex, American songwriter and electronic music producer.
  • Susanna Moore, American writer
  • Thomas Moore (disambiguation)
  • Thurston Moore, American musician
  • Tracey Moore, Canadian voice actress
  • Vinnie Moore, American guitarist
  • William Moore (disambiguation)

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