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Some of the English dub episodes were released on VHS, and in 2005 a R2 DVD of the first five episodes, entitled Moomin Mania was released by Maverick Entertainment, but was later discontinued.

As of 2009, four DVD volumes has been released in the UK by STAX Entertainment, while Telescreen has released eight volumes and two box sets for the American market.

In Scandinavia, the series was released by Svensk Filmindustri in Scandinavia and by Finnkino in Finland. The Finnish DVD release had both Finnish and Swedish dub, while the Swedish release had the Swedish dub only. In Norway 17 DVDs have been released with each DVD has around 3 to 4 episodes. It has Norwegian dubbing. They still continue to release the DVDs.

In Japan, the series was released both as individual DVD volumes and box sets by Victor Entertainment.

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