Monsters HD - Original Productions: Monsterama, Gruesome Twosomes & Tales From The Crypt

Original Productions: Monsterama, Gruesome Twosomes & Tales From The Crypt

Monsters HD also aired several original productions, including a series focusing on different genre celebrities, special effects artists, monster movie props and creature collectibles hosted by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, (Cassandra Peterson), entitled "Monsterama." Tim Lucas, editor of the publication Video Watchdog, noted that "This show was clearly put together by people who know this stuff, and it is always a treat to watch." Some of the Monsterama highlights included in Video Watchdog: a profile of B-Movie Monster maker Paul Blaisdell, featuring clips from his hard-to-see home made movie THE CLIFF MONSTER and vintage creature effects test footage from his AIP films; an episode on B-Monster movie authority Bob Burns III including a brief tour of his collection and home movie footage of his renowned Halloween shows in Burbank, California; a look back at TV Horror Hosts from Vampira to Zacherle to Elvira and hosted by series producer and character actor Daniel Roebuck in Horror Host makeup; a visit to the crowded apartment of a Godzilla toy collector; segments devoted to Monster artist Basil Gogos, Famous Monsters of Filmland editor and collector Forrest Ackerman; the K.N.B. EFK special effects team; and Monster movie maker Rick Baker (makeup artist) whose in-house museum is described by Video Watchdog's Tim Lucas as "eye-popping in HD. " TV lists other episodes in the series including segments on Creature from the Black Lagoon collectibles; McFarlane Toys featuring an interview with comic book artist Todd McFarlane; Horror attraction The Witches Dungeon; Don Post Masks; Sideshow Collectibles movie monster toys; and the Monster Model kits from Aurora Plastics Corporation.

Monsters HD's other productions included a series of suggestive video "comic strip" vignettes called "Gruesome Twosomes," featuring comic book cover artwork by Mike Hoffman, which was later released by the artist in a portfolio called 'Ghastly Gals", and two, live-action, scantily clad females disrobing while "keyed in" to "green screen" thematic horror and monster comic book settings. Monsters HD's Gruesome Twosome comic strips continue to air in their censored form on YouTube under the user name "MonstersHD", and were described on the website as "horror themed burlesque segments that aired uncensored between movies in the early morning hours."

Monsters HD also aired an original one-hour production from director Chip Selby and CS Films, on the Tales from the Crypt comic and television series entitled Tales From The Crypt: From Comic Books to Television, which premiered on October 17, 2004 at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival in Los Angeles, California. and later screened on the Monsters HD channel on October 24, 2004. The documentary was described by the website as an "in depth look at EC, from its difficult beginnings to its tragic ending and the decency hearing that caused it."

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