Monsters HD - Merchandising: Monsters HD Action Figures and DVDs

Merchandising: Monsters HD Action Figures and DVDs

Monsters HD also has a boutique line of action figures, produced in association with Executive Replicas and Amok Time, which were reviewed by collector and contributor Mike Koopmans who noted, "I'm most impressed by the Monsters HD line. It's not so much the quality and detail that tickles me so; it's the odd choice of characters." Prototypes of Monsters HD's Uncle Samhain character and Frankenstien Meets The Space Monster appeared at the New York Toy Fair in 2008, but only the creature from Horror of Party Beach and the teenage vampire girl from Blood of Dracula were produced and continue to be sold.

Another marketing and merchandising effort was created for Monsters HD by Dark Sky Films and MPI Home Video, as well as Lions Gate Entertainment, who continue to release and sell a boutique DVD line of Horror and Drive-In Double Feature discs showcasing Monsters HD's owned and remastered films.Monsters HD's DVD label includes the Del Tenney films Horror of Party Beach and Curse of the Living Corpse, and Violent Midnight; Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster; The Flesh Eaters: Horror Hospital; Slaughter of the Vampires; Blood of the Vampire; Creation of the Humanoids; Prince of Space; Terror Beneath The Sea and Invasion of the Neptune Men (both starring Sonny Chiba); Werewolves on Wheels; the Amicus classics And Now The Screaming Starts, The Beast Must Die and Asylum starring Peter Cushing; The Devil's Rain starring Ernest Borgnine and William Shatner; and Magic starring Anthony Hopkins and Ann-Margret; the Samuel Arkoff American International Pictures: The She Creature, Earth vs The Spider, War of the Colossal Beast, The Day The World Ended, Blood of Dracula; How To Make A Monster; and others.

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