Monsters HD - High Definition Horror: Restoration and Remastering

High Definition Horror: Restoration and Remastering

In an interview with Video Watchdog editor Tim Lucas, Monsters HD's David Sehring reflected on the restoration and high definition process,< "As you know, Monsters HD's tagline is 'It's Alive!' We really take that to heart as we remaster films, like From Beyond." For its 25th Anniversary issue, the Horror magazine Fangoria featured additional interviews with Monsters HD's senior vice president of acquisitions and programming, David Sehring, and creative director, Jason Bylan at their Rainbow Media Offices in New York City for an article entitled "The New Future of Fear: Meet 13 Rising Talents Who Promise To Keep Us Terrified For The Next 25 Years ". On the topic of Monsters HD's initiative to restore and remaster films in the high definition format, Sehring related, "With Monsters HD, you're going to see more movies that have been recently transferred from 35mm interpositives or negatives. We've been going back to all the studios, which is obviously a very labor intensive process because it's all brand new. They don't even have a format established for the HD DVD market yet. It's always a challenge to work with something that's still being developed. Monsters HD's Bylan added "We want people to go to hi-def, because that's the way television's going. That's why we made it, to present Octaman or The Boogens in HD. A lot of people aren't realizing what they're missing until they see it." Bylan also noted, "You can see the wires on Rodan much clearer now." In the April 2005 issue of Video Watchdog, The Perfectionist's Guide to Fantastic Video editor Tim Lucas praised the horror and creature feature channel by noting that "Monsters HD continues to thrill with spectacular high definition masters of movies which can't be found on disc or anywhere else."

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