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The Way To Rainy Mountain
... Scott Momaday ... It is about the journey of Momaday's Kiowa ancestors from their ancient beginnings in the Montana area to their final war and surrender to the United States Cavalry at Fort Sill, and ... Scott Momaday, a unique blend of history, folklore, and poetic memoir, was published in 1969 ...
Frederick Goddard Tuckerman - Revival of Interest
... Scott Momaday brought out the most complete edition available of Tuckerman's works, in 1965, with a quirky ("Winters's heretical, obdurate foreword ... Another writer cited by Momaday in his survey of the revival of interest in Tuckerman's poetry is Edmund Wilson, in his work Patriotic Gore ...
N. Scott Momaday
... Navarre Scott Momaday (born February 27, 1934) is a Native American author of Kiowa descent ... Momaday is considered the founding author in what critic Kenneth Lincoln has coined the Native American Renaissance ...
N. Scott Momaday - Awards
... Scott Momaday was featured in the Ken Burns and Stephen Ives documentary, The West, for his masterful retelling of Kiowa history and legend ... Momaday was honored as the Oklahoma Centennial Poet Laureate In 1992, Momaday received the first Lifetime Achievement Award from the Native Writers' Circle of the Americas ... Scott Momaday received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from the University of Illinois at Chicago on May 9, 2010 ...
The Way To Rainy Mountain - Momaday
... Navarre Scott Momaday was born February 27, 1934, in Lawton, Oklahoma, to Alfred Momaday and Natachee Scott ... Momaday earned a bachelor’s degree in political science at the University of New Mexico ... Momaday is currently emeritus professor of English at the University of Arizona ...

Famous quotes containing the word momaday:

    I am a feather on the bright sky
    I am the blue horse that runs in the plain
    I am the fish that rolls, shining, in the water
    —N. Scott Momaday (b. 1934)

    I saw a crow by Red Rock
    standing on one leg
    It was the black of your hair
    The years are heavy
    —N. Scott Momaday (b. 1934)

    You see, I am alive, I am alive
    I stand in good relation to the earth
    I stand in good relation to the gods
    I stand in good relation to all that is beautiful
    I stand in good relation to the daughter of Tsen-tainte
    You see, I am alive, I am alive
    —N. Scott Momaday (b. 1934)