Molloy may refer to:


  • Anthony James Pye Molloy, Royal Navy officer
  • Bill Molloy (born 1929), English footballer
  • Bobby Molloy, Irish politician
  • Georgiana Molloy, early settler and botanical collector in Western Australia
  • James Lynam Molloy, Irish poet, author and composer
  • John Molloy, early settler in Western Australia
  • Leonard Greenham Star Molloy, British Member of Parliament
  • Matt Molloy, Irish musician
  • Mick Molloy, comedian and co-host of the Martin/Molloy radio program
  • Sylvia Molloy, British artist
  • W. Thomas Molloy, Canadian lawyer and land claim negotiator
  • Irene Molloy, American actress, singer and songwriter of Irish descent
  • Charles Molloy, a name of various persons


  • Molloy (novel), a novel by Samuel Beckett
  • Molloy College
  • Archbishop Molloy High School
  • Molloy Hole, the deepest point in the Arctic Ocean
  • Molloy (TV series)