Modern Times

Modern Times can refer to modern history.

It may also refer to:

  • Modern Times (film), a 1936 Charlie Chaplin film
  • Modern Times (Al Stewart album), a 1975 album by Al Stewart
  • Modern Times (Jefferson Starship album), a 1981 album by Jefferson Starship
  • Modern Times (Latin Quarter album), a 1985 album by Latin Quarter
  • Modern Times (Bob Dylan album), a 2006 album by Bob Dylan
  • "Modern Times" (song), a 2004 song by J-five
  • Modern Times (band), a band from Luxembourg
  • Modern Times (intentional community), an anarchist individualist community in 19th Century New York state
  • Modern Times, a BBC Two documentary series
  • Modern Times, a 1984 book by Paul Johnson
  • Modern Times Group, a Swedish media company
  • Tiempos Modernos, a Mexican political group that is part of the National Assembly of the Socialist Left

Famous quotes related to modern times:

    Primitive times are lyrical, ancient times epical, modern times dramatic. The ode sings of eternity, the epic imparts solemnity to history, the drama depicts life. The characteristic of the first poetry is ingeniousness, of the second, simplicity, of the third, truth.
    Victor Hugo (1802–1885)