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The history of Mod DB begins after Scott Reismanis' former website "The ModRealm" was closed. Reismanis, who coded the site engine himself, quickly started another project — a website which would cover all of the mod-related subjects. After months of development, Mod DB version 1.0 was released in June 2002, quickly gaining a group of core members who became the basis for the active community which the site has today.

In 2004, the second version of the site was released, and many new features were implemented along with a complete site redesign. Version three followed in December 2005, once again redesigning the site's organisation and aesthetics.

On 6 October 2006, Addon DB another website by the Mod DB team opened up a public beta for registered members of Mod DB. Addon DB's aim is to list additional content for game not applicable under the category of game modifications. This includes models, skins and maps. Following the creation of Addon DB, Scott Reismanis founded DesuraNET Pty. Ltd., which subsequently acquired ownership of both Addon DB and Mod DB.

In September 2007 Mod DB changed and was overhauled to bring it up to version 4. This included integrating Addon DB into Mod DB. There were major enhancements like the ability to register a game rather than a mod as well as a better private messaging system.

In 2010 DesuraNET launched the "IndieDB" website dedicated to indie gaming.

In 2011 Mod DB removed School Shooter: North American Tour 2012 after "receiving quite a bit of threatening mail as people believe we are the creators, supporters and makers of this content."

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