Mixed Breed

A mixed breed is a domesticated animal descended from multiple breeds of the same species, often breeding without any human intervention, recordkeeping, or selective breeding. In contrast, crossbreed is where the animal's parentage is deliberately selected by humans, and hybrid is a mix between species.

  • Mixed-breed dog, a dog whose ancestry is complex or not known
  • Grade horse, a horse whose parentage is unknown, unidentifiable, or of significantly mixed breeding
  • Moggy, a mixed breed cat

Famous quotes containing the words mixed and/or breed:

    The millions of grains are black, white, tan, and gray,
    and mixed with quartz grains, rose and amethyst.
    Elizabeth Bishop (1911–1979)

    They make other nations seem pale and flighty,
    But they do think England is God almighty,
    And you must remind them now and then
    That other countries breed other men.
    Alice Duer Miller (1874–1942)