Milo - People


  • Candi Milo, American voice actress
  • Luciano Milo, Italian figure skater
  • Milo (bishop), of Reims and Trier
  • Milo (footballer), an Egyptian football player
  • Milo Aukerman, American biochemist and lead singer of the punk rock band the Descendents
  • Milo Dor, Serbian-Austrian author
  • Milo Đukanović, former prime minister and president of Montenegro
  • Milo of Croton, ancient Greek athlete
  • Milo O'Shea, Irish actor
  • Milo Radulovich, American military veteran suspected of communist sympathies during the Second Red Scare; portrayed in the movie Good Night, and Good Luck
  • Roni Milo, 10th mayor of Tel Aviv and Israeli politician
  • Milo Ventimiglia, American film actor
  • Milo Yiannopoulos, British journalist
  • Titus Annius Milo, ancient Roman politician

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