Military Ranks of The Swedish Armed Forces - Translation To English

Translation To English

This table shows the official translations of the Swedish ranks and their abbreviations.

Translation of OR, Other Ranks to english
Code Swedish Rank Army Navy Amphibious Corps Airforce
OR-1 Menig Private Pte Seaman S Marine M Airman Amn
OR-2 Menig 1.kl Private First Class PFC Seaman First Class SFC Marine First Class MFC Airman First Class AFC
OR-3 Vicekorpral Lance Corporal LCpl Able Seaman AS Lance Corporal LCpl Senior Airman SrA
OR-4 Korpral Corporal Cpl Able Seaman First Class ASFC Corporal Cpl Corporal Cpl
OR-5 Sergeant Sergeant Sgt Leading Seaman LS Sergeant Sgt Sergeant Sgt
OR-6 1:e Sergeant
1:e Styrman1
1:e Konstapel1
1:e Maskinist1
Sergeant First Class SgtFC Petty Officer PO Sergeant First Class SgtFC Sergeant First Class SgtFC
OR-7 Fanjunkare
Colour Sergeant CSgt Chief Petty Officer CPO Colour Sergeant CSgt Colour Sergeant CSgt
OR-8 Förvaltare Sergeant Major WO2 Master Chief Petty Officer WO Sergeant Major WO2 Sergeant Major WO2
OR-9 Regementsförvaltare
Regimental Sergeant Major WO1 Chief Warrant Officer CWO Regimental Sergeant Major WO1 Wing Sergeant Major WO1
Translation of OF, Officer Ranks to english
Code Swedish Rank Army Navy Amphibious Corps Airforce
OF-1 Fänrik Second Lieutenant 2Lt Acting Sub-Lieutenant ASLt Second Lieutenant 2Lt Second Lieutenant 2Lt
OF-1 Löjtnant Lieutenant Lt Sub-Lieutenant SLt Lieutenant Lt Lieutenant Lt
OF-2 Kapten Captain Capt Lieutenant (N)3 Lt (N)3 Captain Capt Captain Capt
OF-3 Major
Major Maj Lieutenant Commander LtCdr Major Maj Major Maj
OF-4 Överstelöjtnant
Lieutenant Colonel LtCol Commander Cdr Lieutenant Colonel LtCol Lieutenant Colonel LtCol
OF-5 Överste
Colonel Col Captain (N)3 Capt (N)3 Colonel Col Colonel Col
OF-6 Brigadgeneral
Brigadier General BGen Rear Admiral
(lower half)
RAdm (LH) Brigadier General BGen Brigadier General BGen
OF-7 Generalmajor
Major General MajGen Rear Admiral RAdm Major General MajGen Major General MajGen
OF-8 Generallöjtnant
Lieutenant General LtGen Vice Admiral VAdm Lieutenant General LtGen Lieutenant General LtGen
OF-9 General
General Gen Admiral Adm General Gen General Gen
1 used in the Navy.
2 used in the Navy and Air Force.
3 for clarification of ranks, personnel in Navy appends (N) after rank or abbrevation.

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