Military of Croatia - Strength


The total number of active military personal in Croatian Armed Forces stands at 18,400 and additionally there are 1,600 civilians working in various service branches of the armed forces.

  • HQ/support/services personal account for 3,000 service personal,
  • Navy 2,000 serviceman,
  • Air Force 2,000 serviceman,
  • Army 16,000 service personal (includes 2,000 Volunteers)
  • 1,600 civilians
  • Total 24,600 personal (this number is not inclusive of 6,000 first level alert reservist)

Total available male manpower aged 16–49 number 1,035,712, of which 771,323 are technically fit for military service. Male citizens are now no longer subject to compulsory military service since January 1, 2008. However, the last generation of 2007 servicemen was also absolved of compulsory service by an act from then Minister of Defense Berislav Rončević.

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