Military History of Persia

Military History Of Persia

With thousands of years of recorded history, and due to an unchanging geographic (and subsequently geopolitical) condition, Iran (previously known as Persia in the West until 1935) has had a long, varied, and checkered military culture and history, ranging from triumphant and unchallenged ancient military supremacy affording effective superpower status in its day, to a series of near catastrophic defeats (beginning with the destruction of Elam) at the hand of previously subdued peripheral nations (including Greece, Arabia, and the Asiatic nomadic tribes at the Eastern boundary of the lands traditionally home to the Iranian people).

Read more about Military History Of Persia:  Achaemenid Era, Seleucid Empire (330 To 150 BCE), Parthian Empire (250 BCE– 226 CE), Sassanid Era (226 CE To 637 CE), Islamic Conquest (637 To 651), Tahirid Dynasty (821 To 873), Alavid Dynasty (864 To 928), Saffarid Dynasty (861 To 1003), Samanid Dynasty (875 To 999), Ziyarid Dynasty (928 To 1043), Buwayhid Dynasty (934 To 1055), Ghaznavid Empire (963 To 1187), Seljuq Empire (1037 To 1187), Khwarezmian Empire (1077 To 1231), Ilkhanate (1256 To 1353), Jalayerid Dynasty (1339 To 1432), Timurid Empire (1370 To 1506), Safavid Era (1501 To 1736), Afsharid Dynasty (1750 To 1794), Qajar Era (1794 To 1925), Pahlavi Era (1925 To 1979), Islamic Republic of Iran (1979 To Present)

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