Milind Ingle

Milind Ingle is a singer and music director from Pen, Maharashtra, India. Milind's songs are mainly in Marathi and Hindi. Milind collaborated with poet/lyricist Soumitra for his album, Gaarva (गारवा) meaning "cool" (as in breeze), in Marathi. It is a compilation of 6 songs (plus one reprise) that describe the advent of the monsoon after a scorching summer. Each song is preceded by Soumitra's poetry, narrated by the poet himself.

The market success of Gaarva prompted the music director/singer/lyricist team to create a second one soon after, titled Saanj Gaarva (सांज गारवा), or "the evening breeze". The second album flopped as it followed a similar format, the poetry reading preceding each song, this time by noted Marathi actor, Sachin Khedekar. He is also known to be a womanizer and got into several issues for that.