Mick may refer to:

  • Mickey Mantle or the Mick
  • Mick, a diminutive form of Michael
  • Mick, an ethnic slur for an Irish person or a person of Irish descent

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Famous quotes containing the word mick:

    America is the world’s policeman, all right—a big, dumb, mick flatfoot in the middle of the one thing cops dread most, a “domestic disturbance.”
    —P.J. (Patrick Jake)

    The real pleasure of being Mick Jagger was in having everything but being tempted by nothing ... a smouldering ill will which silk clothes, fine food, wine, women, and every conceivable physical pampering somehow aggravated ... a drained and languorous, exquisitely photogenic ennui.
    —Anonymous “Chronicler.” Quoted in Philip Norman, The Life and Good Times of the Rolling Stones (1989)