MFM may refer to:

  • Mobile file management, a type of information technology (IT) software that allows businesses to manage transfers and storage of corporate files and other related items on a mobile device
  • Heart Wirral, a Birkenhead (UK)-based local radio station, formerly known as MFM 97.1
  • the IATA airport code for Macau International Airport
  • Magnetic force microscope
  • Male-Female-Male, in a threesome with the woman as the center of attention
  • Marc Frank Montoya, professional snowboarder
  • Marcher Sound, a UK radio station broadcasting to Wrexham and Chester, formerly known as MFM 103.4
  • Marine fuel management
  • Maternal-fetal medicine, the subspeciality of obstetrics that deals with high risk pregnancies.
  • MFM 92.6, a South African radio station based at Stellenbosch University
  • Modified Frequency Modulation, a line code used by most floppy disk formats, and formerly common with hard drives
  • Mountain of Fire and Miracles
  • Movement for the Progress of Madagascar
  • Multifunctional Monitor, a Monitor designed to be used with a variety of external video sources
  • Melodies from Mars, an unreleased album by Richard David James under his pseudonym Afx
  • Material Flow Management, a method of efficiently managing materials