Meridel Le Sueur

Meridel Le Sueur (February 22, 1900, Murray, IA – November 14, 1996, Hudson, WI) was an American writer associated with the proletarian movement of the 1930s and 1940s. Born as Meridel Wharton, she assumed the name of her mother's second husband, Arthur Le Sueur, former Socialist mayor of Minot, North Dakota.

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Famous quotes by meridel le sueur:

    What happens in a strike happens not to one person alone.... It is a crisis with meaning and potency for all and prophetic of a future. The elements in crisis are the same, there is a fermentation that is identical. The elements are these: a body of men, women and children, hungry; an organization of feudal employers out to break the back of unionization; and the government Labor Board sent to ‘negotiate’ between this hunger and this greed.
    Meridel Le Sueur (b. 1900)