Mercedes may refer to:

  • Mercedes (car), the pre-1927 brand name of German automobile models and engines built by Daimler company
  • Mercedes-Benz, the post-1926 German brand of automobiles, engines, and trucks owned by Daimler AG
  • Mercedes-AMG, a subsidiary of Daimler AG that builds customized and high performance Mercedes-branded automobiles
  • Mercedes GP, Formula One racing team
  • American Mercedes (1904 automobile), a company licensed to build Mercedes automobiles in America
  • Mercedes (name), including a list of people with the name
  • Mercedes, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
  • Mercedes, Corrientes, Argentina
  • Mercedes, Camarines Norte, Philippines
  • Mercedes, Eastern Samar, Philippines
  • Mercedes, Texas, United States
  • Mercedes, Uruguay
  • Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, a Spanish treasure ship sunk by the British in 1804
  • Mercedes (shipwreck), a freighter shipwrecked off Florida in 1984
  • Spanish cruiser Reina Mercedes, a cruiser that was scuttled as a blockship in 1898. It was later salvaged and saw service with the United States Navy as USS Reina Mercedes (IX-25)
  • USS Mercedes (YT-108) – see List of United States Navy ships: M
  • BAP Mercedes, a Peruvian Navy frigate in service from the 1840s to the 1850s
  • RFA Mercedes, a collier which served with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary
Other uses
  • Mercedes, a proposed gossamer-winged butterfly genus nowadays again included in Calycopis
  • "Mercedes", a song by Joseph Arthur, featured on the album Big City Secrets
  • Mercedes College (Adelaide), South Australia
  • Mercedes College, Perth, Western Australia