Media General

Media General

Media General, Inc. is a media company based in the Southeastern United States.

The company was formed in 1940 when Richmond, Virginia's two newspapers, the Times-Dispatch and News Leader, merged to form Richmond Newspapers. In 1969, it was renamed "Media General", as the company's media properties grew and diversified.

In 1982 the company acquired The William B. Tanner Company (previously known as Pepper-Tanner) a commercial radio jingle production company headquartered in Memphis which competed with Dallas-based TM Productions, Century 21 Productions, JAM Creative Productions and PAMS. It was later divested in 1988.

In 1996, Media General acquired Park Communications, formerly owned by the media entrepreneur Roy H. Park.

Although Media General is headquartered in Richmond, Tampa is its largest market (#13).

Many of the television stations have a similar branding, similar slogans, and a similar appearance.

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