Mean Girls - Influences On Pop Culture

Influences On Pop Culture

  • Pop/R&B singer Mariah Carey expressed several times that she's a fan of the film, using some quotes from the film in several interviews, most notably on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2005 and in her official Twitter updates in 2009. Carey released the first single from her album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, called "Obsessed", which begins with an interlude quote where she says, "And I was like, 'Why are you so obsessed with me?'", a line said by Regina in the film. Carey's husband, Nick Cannon, debunked other theories and revealed the song was inspired by the film itself.

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    There is no comparing the brutality and cynicism of today’s pop culture with that of forty years ago: from High Noon to Robocop is a long descent.
    Charles Krauthammer (b. 1950)

    I don’t believe in villains or heroes, only in right or wrong ways that individuals are taken, not by choice, but by necessity or by certain still uncomprehended influences in themselves, their circumstances and their antecedents.
    Tennessee Williams (1914–1983)

    I don’t pop my cork for ev’ry guy I see.
    Dorothy Fields (1904–1974)

    A culture may be conceived as a network of beliefs and purposes in which any string in the net pulls and is pulled by the others, thus perpetually changing the configuration of the whole. If the cultural element called morals takes on a new shape, we must ask what other strings have pulled it out of line. It cannot be one solitary string, nor even the strings nearby, for the network is three-dimensional at least.
    Jacques Barzun (b. 1907)