McCulloch may refer to:

A surname shared by the following people:

  • Alan McCulloch, New Zealand politician
  • Alan McLeod McCulloch (1907–1992), Australian cartoonist, painter, writer, art critic, art historian and gallery director
  • Alan Riverstone McCulloch (1885–1925), Australian zoologist
  • Andrew McCulloch (footballer) (fl. 1970-1985), British soccer player
  • Andrew McCulloch (television) (born 1942), British television writer and actor
  • Andrew McCulloch (drummer) (born 1946), British drummer for King Crimson and others
  • Barbi McCulloch, American singer, performer and recording artist
  • Benjamin McCulloch (1811–1862), American Civil War soldier
  • Bruce McCulloch (born 1961), Canadian actor and comedian
  • Ellen McCulloch (1930–2005), Australian ornithologist and nature writer
  • Ellen McCulloch-Lovell, American college administrator
  • Henry Eustace McCulloch (1816–1895), Confederate brigadier general in the American Civil War.
  • Hugh McCulloch (1808–1895), American statesman
  • Ian McCulloch (singer) (born 1959), English singer
  • Ian McCulloch (actor) (born 1939), Scottish actor
  • Ian McCulloch (snooker player) (born 1971), English snooker player
  • James McCulloch (1819–1893), Australian statesman
  • Jimmy McCulloch (1953–1979), Scottish guitarist with Wings and other bands
  • John Ramsay McCulloch (1789–1864), Scottish economist
  • Kyle McCulloch (born 1961), Canadian writer for South Park
  • Lee McCulloch (born 1978), Scottish footballer
  • Richard McCulloch (born 1949), American author
  • Robert P. McCulloch (1911–1977), American entrepreneur
  • Roscoe C. McCulloch (1880–1959), American politician
  • Warren Sturgis McCulloch (1898–1969), American neurophysiologist and cybernetician
  • McCulloch Motors Corporation, chainsaw and power tool manufacturer
  • McCulloch v. Maryland, U.S. Supreme Court ruling
  • McCulloch County, Texas
  • USRC McCulloch, name of more than one cutter of the United States Revenue Cutter Service
  • USCGC McCulloch, name of more than one cutter of the United States Coast Guard
  • USS McCulloch, cutter in commission in the United States Navy in 1917