McCarthy may refer to:

  • McCarthy (surname) (article includes many notable persons with this surname)
  • McCarthy, Alaska, United States
  • McCarthy (band), an indie pop band
  • Château MacCarthy, a Bordeaux wine
  • McCarthy Tétrault, a Canadian law firm
  • McCarthy evaluation, programming-language semantics also called short-circuit evaluation, named after John McCarthy (computer scientist)

Famous quotes containing the word mccarthy:

    There are no new truths, but only truths that have not been recognized by those who have perceived them without noticing. A truth is something that everybody can be shown to know and to have known, as people say, all along.
    —Mary McCarthy (1912–1989)

    The happy ending is our national belief.
    —Mary McCarthy (1912–1989)

    ... the average Catholic perceives no connection between religion and morality, unless it is a question of someone else’s morality.
    —Mary McCarthy (1912–1989)