Maya - Peoples, Languages, Numerical Systems

Peoples, Languages, Numerical Systems

  • The Maya peoples, peoples of southern Mexico and northern Central America
    • Maya civilization, their historical civilization
    • Mayan languages, the family of languages spoken by the Maya
      • Yucatec Maya language, a specific Mayan language frequently referred to simply as Maya
    • Maya art, the art of the Maya civilization
    • Maya numerals, the numeral system used by the Maya civilization
    • Maya calendar, the system of calendars and almanacs used in the Maya civilization
    • Maya script, the writing system of the Maya civilization
    • Maya society, social constructs and practices of the Maya
  • Badimaya language, an Aboriginal language of Australia, also known as "Parti-Maya"
  • Maya language (Brazil), an unclassified language that may be related to the Panoan languages
  • Ma'ya language, an Austronesian language of West Papua

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