Maximum Transmission Unit - Table of MTUs of Common Media

Table of MTUs of Common Media

Note: the MTUs in this section are given as the maximum size of IP packet that can be transmitted without fragmentation - including IP headers but excluding headers from lower levels in the protocol stack. The MTU must not be confused with the minimum datagram size that all hosts must be prepared to accept, which has a value of 576 for IPv4 and of 1280 for IPv6.

Media Maximum Transmission Unit (bytes) Notes
Internet IPv4 Path MTU At least 68 Practical path MTUs are generally higher. IPv4 links must be able to forward packets of size up to 68 bytes. Systems may use Path MTU Discovery to find the actual path MTU. This should not be mistaken with the packet size every host must be able to handle, which is 576.
Internet IPv6 Path MTU At least 1280 Practical path MTUs are generally higher. Systems must use Path MTU Discovery to find the actual path MTU.
Ethernet v2 1500 Nearly all IP over Ethernet implementations use the Ethernet V2 frame format.
Ethernet with LLC and SNAP, PPPoE 1492
Ethernet Jumbo Frames 1500-9000 The limit varies by vendor. For correct interoperation, the whole Ethernet network must have the same MTU. Jumbo frames are usually only seen in special purpose networks.
WLAN (802.11) 7981
Token Ring (802.5) 4464
FDDI 4352

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