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Max Factor is credited with many cosmetic innovations, among which are:

  • 1914: Released the first cosmetic made specifically for motion pictures, a thinner greasepaint made in 12 shades. It was in cream form and packaged in jars, as opposed to the thicker stick greasepaints used for theater.
  • 1917: Released "Supreme Liquid Whitener" which provided the means of obtaining an alabaster smoothness on the neck, shoulder, arms and hands.
  • 1918: Released "Color Harmony", a range of face powder which due to its wide range of shades allowed the customizing of consistent make-up for an individual actor or actress.
  • 1925: Released "Max Factor's Supreme Nail Polish," a metal pot of beige-colored powder that was sprinkled on the nails and buffed with a chamois buffer, to give nails shine and some tint.
  • 1927: Released "Society Nail Tint," a small porcelain pot containing rose colored cream. Applied to the nail and buffed, it gave a natural rose color. "Society Nail White" was also released. This was a tube of chalky white liquid that was applied under nail tips and left to dry. The end result resembled the modern French manicure.
  • 1928: Developed cosmetics specifically for use in black-and-white films. Max Sr. was awarded an Oscar award for this innovation.
  • 1930: Invented Lip Gloss.
  • 1932: Developed a line of "Television Make-up," specifically to meet the needs of television.
  • 1934: Released Liquid Nail Enamel, forerunner of today's nail polishes.
  • 1935: Opened the unique Max Factor Make-up Salon in Los Angeles.
  • 1937: Released "Pan-Cake", forerunner of modern cake makeup, originally developed for color films.
  • 1938: Max Factor died at age 59. Max Factor Jr. expanded the family-run business internationally.
  • 1940: Released "Tru-Color" lipstick, the first smear-proof lipstick.
  • 1948: Released "Pan-Stik" makeup.
  • 1954: Released "Erace", the original concealer, and developed a line of cosmetics specifically for color television's needs. (This line remained the standard for TV cosmetics until the arrival of HDTV.)
  • 1971: Released the first "waterproof" make-up.
  • 1980: Japanese subsidiary acquired an antioxidant derived from sake wine, called Pitera. Subsequently launched Max Factor Success Key with Pitera, which would later be renamed SK-II.
  • 1988: Launched the world's first clear colorless mascara
  • 2000: Launched the first 12 hour long-lasting non-transfer lip color, "Lipfinity" lipstick
  • 2008: Launched "False Lash Effect mascara"

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