Mass Transit Incident (professional Wrestling) - Kulas' Duplicity

Kulas' Duplicity

Authorities later determined that Kulas had lied to Paul Heyman about his age and experience; Kulas claimed to be 23 years of age, but he was actually 17 years old. He claimed to have been trained by Killer Kowalski, and Stephen Kulas (his father) even vouched for his son, but Kulas was never formally trained to wrestle. In The Rise and Fall of ECW, Paul Heyman states that Kulas's dubious credentials as a student of Killer Kowalski were endorsed by a then-known midget wrestler, who was with Kulas when he and his father approached the staff about getting Eric in.

New Jack later stated in interviews that after he found out about Kulas' duplicity, he didn't have any remorse for what he had done.

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