Martin Kay - Selected Papers

Selected Papers

  • “Rules of Interpretation--An Approach to the Problem of Computation in the Semantics of Natural Language”, in Proceedings of the Second International Congress of the International Federation for Information Processing, 1962.
  • “A Parsing Procedure” Proceedings of the Second International Congress of the International Federation for Information Processing, 1962.
  • “A General Procedure for Rewriting Strings”, paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Machine Translation and Computational Linguistics, Bloomington, Indiana, 1964.
  • The Logic of Cognate Recognition in Historical Linguistics, RM-4224-PR, Santa Monica, The RAND Corporation, July 1964.
  • A Parsing Program for Categorial Grammars, RM-4283-PR, Santa Monica, The RAND Corporation, August 1964.
  • The Tabular Parser: A Parsing Program for Phrase-Structure and Dependency, RM-4933-PR, Santa Monica, The RAND Corporation, July 1966.
  • The Computer System to Aid the Linguistic Field Worker, P-4095, Santa Monica, The RAND Corporation, May 1969.
  • The MIND System: The Morphological Analysis Program, RM-6265/2-PR, Santa Monica, The RAND Corporation, April 1970. (with Gary R. Martins).
  • “Automatic Translation of Natural Languages” in Language as a Human Problem: Daedalus, 1973.
  • “Functional Unification Grammar: A Formalism for Machine Translation” in Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 84), The Association for Computational Linguistics, 1984.
  • “Parsing in Free Word Order Languages” (with Lauri Karttunen), in Dowty, David R., Lauri Karttunen, and Arnold M. Zwicky, Natural Language Parsing, Cambridge University Press, 1985.
  • “Unification in Grammar”, in Dahl, V., and P. Saint-Dizier, Natural Language Understanding and Logic Programming, North Holland, 1985.
  • “Theoretical Issues in the Design of a Translator's Work Station”, Proceedings of the IBM workshop on Computers and Translation, Copenhagen.
  • “Regular Models of Phonological Rule Systems” (with R. M. Kaplan), Computational Linguistics 20:3 (September 1994. With R. M. Kaplan).
  • “Substring Alignment Using Suffix Trees”. Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing, Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2004.

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